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Case Study - Devitt - Headhunting

Posted on May 2019

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Client: Devitt Insurance Services

Sector: Commercial Broking Manager - Insurance Broking 

Solution: Headhunting



Boxtree approached Devitt upon hearing that they were currently resourcing for a Commercial Manager position. Upon consultation Boxtree understood that the right candidate for the job needed to have a strong track record of success, be based around the Essex area and maintain strong industry relationships, as well as gel with the company and team environment.


Boxtree Approach

Boxtree’s specialist Senior Market Headhunter, Boxtree discussed this position at length to ensure the submitted candidates fit the complex profile. Every aspect of the role expectations, ideal person specification and company expectations were discussed to ensure we made the right match. Boxtree also discussed target competitors, total package on offer and progression opportunities for this person– so we could ensure that the company matched with what the candidate was looking for, as much as the other way around.

Boxtree recommended a candidate she knew from her existing network as she knew they would match perfectly. Boxtree coached both the client and the candidate through the process, ensuring everything had been covered and both parties had a clear idea of what was expected and how the insurance brokerage matched the candidate – past, present and future.



This process enabled the candidate to be sure of their decision when it came to offer stage and left our client feeling positive, they had made the correct decision in offering the role. The candidate’s performance since appointment has been first class.

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