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Case Study - Ian Peach - Headhunting

Posted on October 2019

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Candidate: Ian Peach

Sector: Niche Insurance Broking 

Solution: Headhunting



Boxtree approached Ian in the market as he was identified as a person of interest in a headhunting campaign. Ian was not actively looking for a new role and had specific needs which would have to be met in order for him to be interested in a potential and final move in his career. Boxtree discussed with Ian their specific needs to ensure that he made the correct career move as Ian was in his current role for more than twenty years and has a great reputation in the market. It would also offer the right company the opportunity for an acquisition and could be a significant step to strengthen their market position in this niche sector.


Boxtree Approach

Boxtree’s discussed Ian’s background and capabilities thoroughly and proceeded to map out the clients Boxtree work with that matched with Ian’s needs and had capacity to consider him. After introducing the idea to a client that matched with Ian’s needs, Boxtree
confirmed with Ian the client they suggested making an introduction to, and then submitted his details after obtaining permission.

The client agreed that Ian would be a great match for the company, and Boxtree arranged a meeting between Ian, the Managing Director and the CEO. The interview process for Ian consisted of two stages, which took about five months to complete in total – during this time business plans were required and further scheduling and support was required from Boxtree – Boxtree worked on a consultative basis to provide support to both Ian and the client during this time.



After exploring the opportunity fully, Boxtree and Ian discussed it at length to ensure that Ian felt this was the correct move for him. Every aspect of the role and company expectations were discussed to ensure we had made the right match. Boxtree also discussed any reservations that the client had in relation to the candidate and thanks to an open and honest conversation Boxtree was able to calm concerns.

The client expressed that they would be looking to make an offer of employment, this required some negotiation for both parties which Boxtree facilitated and finally Ian decided that he would like to accept the offer.

The candidate started on time and is now coming to the end of their first year within the business with everything going well.

Ian's Testimonial

"Having connected to Paige via LinkedIn we spoke about a new role I wished to be considered for. Paige immediately knew of appropriate/desirable companies to approach on my behalf. Paige successfully organised the meetings, the offer and finally the acceptance of said offer. Paige was tenacious in her approach whilst retaining complete professionalism, drive and humour. Without Paige I would not have been considered for my current role, so I have a lot to thank Paige for. I would highly recommend Paige as a recruiter as she listens and then delivers. Thank you Paige."

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