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Quarantine - How to spend the weekend?

Posted on April 2020

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With the lockdown extended, we’ll be spending a few more weekends inside. But that doesn’t mean they have to be boring! Here are some ideas of how to spend your Friday/Saturday night:

🍸 Cocktail Making - Have a look on Google/YouTube for some cocktail recipes - or go freestyle and mix up your own creation!

🛁 Spa Night - A night-in doesn’t have to be boring. Have a relaxing evening after juggling work and kids all week. Have a bath, put your comfy PJs on & breaaathee

🍔 Date Night - Restaurants? Who needs them! Take turns with your partner to make a homemade meal, or cook one together. Don’t forget the candles!

🍿 Movie Night - One that both you and the kids can enjoy. Line up some of your favourite movies, plus your favourite snacks of course

📝 Pub Quiz - Video chat your friends/family and take part in a virtual ‘pub quiz’. Follow along to one on YouTube or get creative and come up with your own questions

We hope this has given you some ideas, please feel free to share any more you have! 🍻