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Quick Tips - CV Writing

Posted on June 2020

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If you Google what makes a good CV, you’ll most likely read the same tips over and over. Here are some tips from people who read hundreds of CVs a week and write them on a daily basis.

📦 Think Outside of the Box 📦

Sure, you may work well on your own as well as a team, but doesn’t everyone else? Avoid filling your CV with generic phrases (I’m a team player! I perform to the best of my ability!) and think about what makes you, you.

📊 Include Technical Expertise / Statistics 📊

Have you used Acturis when you worked at a brokerage? Did you spend 4 years using .Net when you worked in an IT position? Include these details on your CV! Don’t leave people wondering what you can do.

📅 Put your Most Recent Experience First 📅

Sounds obvious? It's a more common mistake than you think. Putting job roles in reverse-chronological order is a bad idea when the top of your CV is the first thing you see. At first glance, it’s easy to think you haven’t worked since that shelf-stacking position in 1990.

📞 Have References Pre-Prepared 📞

If you’ve got a glowing reference, why wouldn’t you want to show it off? Not only does providing your references shorten the screening process, it will give you more credibility than all the other applications without references.

So, if you have a spare 15 minutes on your lunch break, why not use them to improve your CV? If you’re still struggling to showcase how great you are, reach out to our consultants for some advice 😊