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Contract Recruitment in the Current Mortgage Market

Posted on November 2020

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Here at Boxtree, we have seen a huge increase in our clients’ demands lately. In what was previously a very permanent opportunity-lead market for Boxtree and the lending recruitment team, we have seen needs shifting from towards contract recruitment.

Although the permanent market remains strong within the UK presently, with the relevant investments and initiatives to drive growth, the temporary market is showing opportunities within a myriad of skill set and specialism.

The largest increase in contract opportunities with our clients have been seen in the following opportunities:

⭐ Mortgage Administrator jobs

⭐ Lending, Mortgage and Protection Adviser jobs

⭐ Mortgage Broker jobs

⭐ Mortgage Product Manager and Case Manager jobs

⭐ Servicing Specialist jobs

⭐ Mortgage Underwriter jobs

There are several factors that contribute to increase, but the leading catalyst is 100% the sheer weight of workload our clients are experiencing and a greater demand for flexible workforce. To register your interest in a contract opportunity, or to hire a contract position, give us a call on 0203 582 5504.

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