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In the last few years the term ‘Ghosting’ has been increasingly used throughout my network a...

By Toni Dines


In the last few years the term ‘Ghosting’ has been increasingly used throughout my network and businesses in reference to people ceasing contact suddenly, unexpectedly and without any integrity. 

It was known mostly in dating but it’s now clearly crossing the line into businesses everywhere!

To my hoorrrrorrrrrr, candidates AND prospective clients seem to deem it acceptable to bring this ghastly term and practice into the professional world! I have a bone to pick with anyone who finds it acceptable to ‘Ghost’ individuals in life but especially in business.

The oxford dictionary confirms the following definition for the word ‘Ghosting’ so you are clear on its meaning:

“The practice of ending a personal relationship with somebody by suddenly stopping all communication without explanation. Ghosting can happen after one date or a few texts, but it can also happen after several months of dating.”

Are you someone who has ghosted in business? 

If you are, I personally want to thank you (I hope you hear the sarcasm in my writing). Thank you for ensuring that your cold dishonourable actions have ensured that the English language has had to put a verbal spin on the following words, just for you! 

- Cowardly

- Pathetic

- Unprofessional

Also, sincere well-done for having the ability to define and condense the term “Lack of integrity” to simplify things for the rest of us who happen to hold their own integrity in high regard.

Here at Boxtree I have witnessed countless candidates AND clients of late, completely ‘ghosting’ my staff, myself included. What is happening to people’s professional integrity? Are mobile phones and digital technologies being used so much that it’s easy for people to shy away from a phone call without any explanation?

Why should calling someone back and holding a difficult conversation now be classed as ‘old school’?! That’s not old-school, that’s professional. What are your children and your children’s, children going to learn?

The #GHOSTBUSTERS here at Boxtree from hereon in will be asking clients, candidates and friends in the market if they are ghostliest little ghost-doers before working with them now. It’s the only answer we can think of.

Happy Halloween you little monsters. 

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