What continues to motivate me to learn new skills?

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​Any business owner, partner, manager or employee are never a complete and finished article ...

By Toni Dines


​Any business owner, partner, manager or employee are never a complete and finished article when it comes to growth of skills and building personal assets within their skill set. Consistently evolving in skill and experience is what positively impacts life and business and, in my opinion, personal happiness.

Today is World Youth Skills Day. Bringing myself to think about the importance of learning a new skill, I’ve thought about how new skills have helped me achieve within my own personal development and the importance of planning how I wish to grow as a person for the future. Doing this in itself, ultimately supports the growth of myself and my businesses.

I have always said that it is important not to compare yourself to others in terms of achievement and success. For all those who ‘wish they had their own business’, or ‘wish they got a promotion’, or ‘wish they were a photographer instead of a legal secretary’, the only barrier between the statement and achieving what you want, can be as simple as one or a number of skills.

It can also be as simple as deciding that you are NOT going to fear failure and give it a try. At school, I absolutely despised mathematics. I mean, I really hated it. My math teacher was horrific (when we didn’t have a substitute) and I just didn’t gel well with learning and embedding maths into my education on the whole. 

When I went into business, I realised that maths was a vital, critical and important element to trading in so many ways. As a result, although it was a part of business and life that I didn’t particularly want to develop and spend my spare time learning, it had had a significant impact on my efficiently, understanding and costs in and outside of life when I did. I realised that the growth of my businesses and having a competitive edge over my competitors would suffer if I didn’t improve my math skills.

For me, I can genuinely say that the skills I have learnt in my life to date, one by one, have got me to the place that I am in today. By learning a new skill or setting your sights on a group of skills, you can truly change your life. In my case it’s fair to say that these skills are not necessarily the ones that we are busting a gut to learn, spend money on training for or particularly want to admit are a weakness. The reward however when pushing myself to accept my weakness and improve them through learning, has been marked and fabulous.

Take a minute to think about one of your weaknesses. Take another to think about what skill you would need to acquire to turn the weakness into a strength. Finally, do it.

Put it into action. Learn that new skill and it will only lead you to onto good things.

If you are not sure what skills you need, want to learn or have to have - get in touch, I'd be happy to help.




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