What I like about Boxtree is their integrity. We picked up the phone on two occasions. The first, they had candidates immediately suitable so reduced their fees accordingly. The second, we sought a niche product specialist. Boxtree were transparent in their costs to headhunt; they were technically fabulous and we hired both candidates as we couldn’t split the hairs. Undoubtedly out-shone the ‘big boys’ with such a niche, cost-effective approach.” – L&G

Our rates


With varying opinion in the market in respect of ‘the cost of bad hire’ Boxtree are at the forefront at understanding the real cost of a bad hire.

Daily, Boxtree are educating clients on the fundamentals of how expensive working with an unprofessional recruitment business can really be. Sure, businesses can measure a bad hire on the loss of recruitment fees alone if a placement doesn’t work out.

Consider however, low morale in the office, staff turnover, the effect on the company’s PR with high staff turnover. Worst still - existing staff can be spread too thin in workload and the final straw will be the wasted man hours.

Avoid the cost of a bad hire by working with Boxtree and get it right, the first time.



At Boxtree, our fees are inclusive of role-specific testing and technical critique to deliver all scrutiny required for candidates which we believe should be standard practice in the recruitment market, but sadly isn’t. Our financial service and insurance experts internally will technically test and interview candidates to gauge their skills and knowledge against the requirements of their role and responsibilities, taking the competency testing away from you

We submit the candidate highlighting key performance indicators and training or improvement needs as well as suitability for the technical delivery.