Recruitment fees, how much does recruitment cost?


Boxtree negotiate recruitment fees

The recruitment market historically has had a poor reputation when it comes to professionalism and being commercially ethical with clients and candidates alike.

The founder of Boxtree was a professional negligence insurance specialist for the recruitment sector, insuring some 3,500 recruitment businesses throughout the UK over 10 years. You can only imagine the myriad of claims insight gained!

Boxtree holds itself in the highest regard for compliance, diligence and integrity compared to any other ‘competitor’ in our space.

If you have been ‘burnt’ by previous outsourced recruitment experience, we confidently work for free until your opinion is changed.

Our market-leading internal compliance ethics ensure no ‘CV-shovelling’, no breach of GDPR, no un-proportionate fees, rebates in fees rewarding loyalty, technically perfect submissions against specification and we only require payment when we have delivered.


Avoid the cost of a bad hire

Avoiding the Cost of a Bad Hire

We constantly engage with companies who are weary of engaging with an insurance specialist recruiter and have immediate concerns around recruitment fees down to bad, previous experience.

Regularly, we consult companies with concerns around the expense of recruitment and few appreciate the cost of a bad hire, unless they have experienced it first-hand. The Recruitment and Employment Confederation reported that the average cost of a bad hire is circa £132,000.

Although a nearly unbelievable figure, it’s wholly realistic when considering circa £28,000 is the average wasted salary, £1,500 Average amount spend on training new staff, lost productivity of the new employees averages around £9,625, lost productivity of the team surrounding the new employee £29,160 and the staff turnover average is £54,000.

Engaging with a fully insured, recruitment specialist to assist in your appointments needed does not simply consist of Boxtree advertising and finding candidates with right skill set.

We undertaken thorough profiling, testing, market references and psychometric testing before completing a 3-stage interview process, before they even meet you for consideration against your brief.

On average we thoroughly vet 65 candidates for senior roles in the insurance sector per role and introduce only 2-3 individuals to you who successfully make it through the testing processes.