Successful insurance and financial services recruiters are organisations that are built and run by industry professionals, not recruiters.” – Toni Dines, Founder

Our values


Having worked within the financial services sector before founding a specialist consultancy within recruitment, we share the same values and commitment as the professionals we represent.

Our technical specialism is unrivalled. The business is founded by, and built internally with senior market professionals, turned recruiters. Our heads of division have technically practiced within our specialisms for over 15 years respectively with some of the largest banks, insurance brokers, MGA’s and insurers as employers.

Trusted due to our honestly, transparency and consistency. Morally impressive, due to our disregard for money over integrity and positive influence being precedent. Steadily growing due to the strength in our reputation and relationships. The vision that we innovate, articulate and share with our market peers sets us apart.



Over the years, we have found a disturbing decline in the morals and principals of professionals that wish to engage with us. Considering what defines a business with strong ethics and standards, Boxtree proudly underpins its integrity on only representing and working with honourable professionals and businesses with integrity.

We will not shy away from retracting services from immoral businesses and candidates. Moreover, we transparently withdraw from growth opportunities, profits and income where the vision, commercial trust and integrity with those who wish to engage with us cannot be found.

The unpredictable factors within recruitment are heavily consulted at Boxtree, counter-offering for example, is something we do not and would never condone. We heavily consult attracted talent to ensure it doesn’t happen.