speculative approach


We no not bombard clients with speculative CVs, in fact we see it as an embarrassing approach that some of our competitors adopt that we specifically don’t understand. This way of working only seeks to reiterate one thing; consultants that send completely deficient recommendations to meet with their candidates, do not know their market and shouldn’t be entrusted with such recommendation.

Moreover, should they be sending de-personalised CV’s, without explicit consent of candidates - this is a huge legal conundrum you should be sure to avoid.

Contact Boxtree when you have bespoke and specific operational, strategic or growth ambitions. Ask to work with us on a speculative basis. You will experience a professional and effective ‘hand’s- off’ approach to finding market leading talent, as soon as they move from a passive to an active candidate to move.

No job description, no cv-shovelling into your inbox. If you equip us with simple insight into your ideals, we will reach out when the perfect match is identified or requests representation.

This works specifically well with;
- Account Directors with a loyal client base and supporting staff
- Candidates with a niche product specialism and industry following
- Producing candidates by county and location
- Hard to fill board level opportunities, regionally
- Businesses looking to buy and sell
- Unhappy trading underwriters working as a business within a business