Health, happiness, family and integrity above everything else.

Our approach to work-life-balance and consistent delivery at Boxtree, is truly unique. We have gained our esteem, reliability and standing in the market not for how much we financially turnover, our profits or how much bigger our clients are getting.

By trading and treating everyone we encounter with respect, honestly and upholding the same integrity that we demand for ourselves we ensure a best-in-practice offering.

As a truly ethical employer, we hold our responsibility to support, sustain and uplift the Boxtree family in high regard. Should you have history in not turning up for interviews, failure to pay for services rendered or show a lack of integrity, save your time and contact a high-street agency.



Kindness, love and support are qualities found in everything that we do and who we are as people.

We don’t measure ourselves by our finances. We measure ourselves on the lives we change, on the people we help return to work, the people with mental health problems trying to get up in the morning and the businesses struggling on their numbers.

We work hardest for the businesses that have an unspoken respect for their responsibilities in sustaining the livelihoods and families of the staff in which they employ across the country.

Supporting individuals and communities is where the biggest impacts can be achieved in happiness and what we define as success. As such, we support important charities like Mind, Stroke Association, Mental Health awareness and children’s care, giving 5% of our annual profits to such organisations with the rest being shared amongst the Boxtree family to share with their respective families.

Should you wish to donate to any one of our charities, please contact lacee.watts@boxtree-recuitment.co.uk to find out how.