“Passionate, entrepreneurial and like family.”


Proud of our values, the business consistently invests in our team. Focused on all verticals of personal development, achievement and financial reward we are unlike any other recruitment business in the insurance and financial services market.

We receive many applications from individuals wanting to join the business, we however remain conscious of our exacting standards in culture, values and kindness. Individuals of complimentary values to that of our own take precedence over any type of growth or income achievements to support their application.

With uncapped technical training, apprentice academies and recruitment qualifications, Boxtree heavily invest in the advancement of individuals both in and out of the business. All staff also have practical hands-on financial service and insurance work experience to ensure unique understanding and insights into the roles and people in their respective markets, which we proudly represent.

If you are interested in joining the Boxtree family, please email toni@teamboxtree.co.uk